New Champion | 09.03.2013
On March 9 Patrick at two exhibitions received BOB and closed a title J.Ch.Rus.
New litters | 09.03.2012
We have 2 new litters: white-black male and female from Duce and Flora, and red male from Neo and Mona.
New Grand Champion | 29.09.2012
Neo closed a title Grand Champion Russia!
New Grand Champion | 26.08.2012
August 26 Duce got his last CAC and finished his Grand Champion of Russia in 16 months!
The new Champions | 19.08.2012
August 19 at a special exhibition in Novosibirsk Neo got , BISS-1, Duce - BOB, BISS-2. Both finished title Club Champion
New puppies | 20.03.2012
Male and female parti. F. Ivan, m. Peris
New puppies | 16.03.2012
One b/t male, f. Gr.Ch.Rus. Zvezdnii Malchik iz Russkogo Dvora, m. Bravo's Pretty Woman.
The new Champion | 10.03.2012
10.03.2012 Roshy Royal Flush Parti closed a title Jun.Ch.Rus.
The new Grand Champion | 11.12.2011
11.12.2011 Roshy Bright Star Parti has closed a title of the Ch.National club and Gr. Ch. Russia. It is the third parti Gr. Ch. in our kennel!
New puppies | 25.11.2011
New litter.
New champion | 18.09.2011
18.09.2011 Roshy Bright Star Parti has closed a title of the Champion of Russia.
New puppies | 08.09.2011
08.09.2011 Two new litters parti
New puppies | 24.04.2011
24.04.2011 New litter parti two white-black boys
Show news | 26.02.2011
Wins has closed a title the Grand the Champion of Russia. It already the second parti in our kennel which has this title. The big gratitude to handler Wins Lyudmila Gubanova
Show news | 23.10.2010
Neo has closed title JChRus.
New puppies | 25.10.2010
New puppies for sale
Show news | 17.10.2010
Wins until the spring will be on loan to Moscow in a kennel "Iz Russkogo Dvora," available for stud service.
24.10.2010 in Moscow at the All-Russian Exhibition Wins got his first CAC and on the specialty show CCC. Many thanks Ludmilla Gubanova for show Wins.
Show news | 1 may 2010
On May, 1st, Roshy Yankee Parti Wins has closed title JCh. Rus. for 3 show, having received 3 BOB, 2 BIG - 2!
new puppies for sale | 22 april 2010
New puppies for sale
Show news | 20 March 2010
On March, 20th at the international exhibition to Novosibirsk Roshy Uma Turman became BOS, IB and title ChRKF., And Ivan has taken the second place in a class of Champions, and its children of Roshy Bright Star of Pati and Roshy of Yankee Pati Wins have received "the big prospect" in a class of puppies.
Show news | 6 december 2009
Ivan has closed a title of the Champion of National lub of Breed and the Grand Champion of Russia.
Ivan became the first in Russia parti pom who closed this title!
New baby | 14 september 2009
On July 22st at us was born new letter. F: McDream; M: Roshy Moon Shine
New baby | 21 July 2009
On July 21st at us was born new letter parti - 2 female. F: Ivan; M: Demi
Show news | 6 June 2009
On June, 6th at a specialised show to Kemerovo McDream has closed title CH.Club and GrandCh. The same day on specialised show in Novosibirsk Ivan became BOB and BISS-1! And Roshy Uma Turman has closed title JChRus.
New Baby | 18 December 2008
On December, 18th at us was born new letter - 1 female.
F: McDream;
M: Aurora
New Baby | 06 November 2008
On November, 6th at us was born new letter - 1 male.
F: Mountain Crest Dream Cycle;
M: Roshy Little Spring Sun
Show news | 16 2008
16.08.08. MacDream became the best at a specialised exhibition and has received BISS-1.
Ivan has receied BOB and closed title CH, RUS.
New baby | 2 2008
New parti-color female has arrived from USA - Demi
2nd of july was born two puppies (male and female):
D. McDream
M. Mona
| 1 2008
1st of june 2008 Ma Dream has closed title CH Russ
New Champions | 18 2008
On 18 of February Mona and MacDream has closed title JCH
New photo of Ivan and MacDream
New girl | 15 2008
On January, 15th 2008 from Finch pomeranians to us there has arrived the new girl - Peris
New boy | 10 2007
On November, 10th from Mountain Crest to us there has arrived the new boy.
New photo | 30 2007
New photos was added:
New Baby | 30 2007
On September, 12th at us was born new letter - 1 girl.
F: Powerpom Little Lion;
M: Roshy Little Spring Sun
New photo | 25 2007
New photo of Crunchy
New Baby | 25 2007
On June, 19th at us was born new letter: 1 boy and 1 girl.
F: Powerpom Little Lion;
M: Roshy Aurora Borealis
New boy | 25 2007
On June, 12th from Finch pomeranians to us there has arrived the new boy with which we begin cultivation parti.
Its photo can be seen in section "Males"
Exhibitions | 25 2007
On May, 20th at a specialized exhibition in Tyumen Crunchy has received BJ, JCW and has closed title JCH of National club.
New Puppy | 10 2007
10.01.2006 was born a girl
f. CH Russ

m. CH Russ Tochka Talisman Ludmily
new puppy | 7 2007
2nd of january was born two boys.
F. AM, Tai CH. Starfire's Shining Star
M. CH Rus Roshy Aurora Borealis