New Champion | 09.03.2013
On March 9 Patrick at two exhibitions received BOB and closed a title J.Ch.Rus.
New litters | 09.03.2012
We have 2 new litters: white-black male and female from Duce and Flora, and red male from Neo and Mona.
New Grand Champion | 29.09.2012
Neo closed a title Grand Champion Russia!
New Grand Champion | 26.08.2012
August 26 Duce got his last CAC and finished his Grand Champion of Russia in 16 months!
The new Champions | 19.08.2012
August 19 at a special exhibition in Novosibirsk Neo got ВОВ, BISS-1, Duce - BOB, BISS-2. Both finished title Club Champion
New puppies | 20.03.2012
Male and female parti. F. Ivan, m. Peris
New puppies | 16.03.2012
One b/t male, f. Gr.Ch.Rus. Zvezdnii Malchik iz Russkogo Dvora, m. Bravo's Pretty Woman.
The new Champion | 10.03.2012
10.03.2012 Roshy Royal Flush Parti closed a title Jun.Ch.Rus.
The new Grand Champion | 11.12.2011
11.12.2011 Roshy Bright Star Parti has closed a title of the Ch.National club and Gr. Ch. Russia. It is the third parti Gr. Ch. in our kennel!
New puppies | 25.11.2011
New litter.
New champion | 18.09.2011
18.09.2011 Roshy Bright Star Parti has closed a title of the Champion of Russia.
New puppies | 08.09.2011
08.09.2011 Two new litters parti
New puppies | 24.04.2011
24.04.2011 New litter parti two white-black boys
Show news | 26.02.2011
Wins has closed a title the Grand the Champion of Russia. It already the second parti in our kennel which has this title. The big gratitude to handler Wins Lyudmila Gubanova
Show news | 23.10.2010
Neo has closed title JChRus.
New puppies | 25.10.2010
New puppies for sale
Show news | 17.10.2010
Wins until the spring will be on loan to Moscow in a kennel "Iz Russkogo Dvora," available for stud service.
24.10.2010 in Moscow at the All-Russian Exhibition Wins got his first CAC and on the specialty show CCC. Many thanks Ludmilla Gubanova for show Wins.
Show news | 1 may 2010
On May, 1st, Roshy Yankee Parti Wins has closed title JCh. Rus. for 3 show, having received 3 BOB, 2 BIG - 2!
new puppies for sale | 22 april 2010
New puppies for sale
Show news | 20 March 2010
On March, 20th at the international exhibition to Novosibirsk Roshy Uma Turman became BOS, САСIB and title ChRKF., And Ivan has taken the second place in a class of Champions, and its children of Roshy Bright Star of Pati and Roshy of Yankee Pati Wins have received "the big prospect" in a class of puppies.
Show news | 6 december 2009
Ivan has closed a title of the Champion of National Сlub of Breed and the Grand Champion of Russia.
Ivan became the first in Russia parti pom who closed this title!
New baby | 14 september 2009
On July 22st at us was born new letter. F: McDream; M: Roshy Moon Shine
New baby | 21 July 2009
On July 21st at us was born new letter parti - 2 female. F: Ivan; M: Demi
Show news | 6 June 2009
On June, 6th at a specialised show to Kemerovo McDream has closed title CH.Club and GrandCh. The same day on specialised show in Novosibirsk Ivan became BOB and BISS-1! And Roshy Uma Turman has closed title JChRus.
New Baby | 18 December 2008
On December, 18th at us was born new letter - 1 female.
F: McDream;
M: Aurora
New Baby | 06 November 2008
On November, 6th at us was born new letter - 1 male.
F: Mountain Crest Dream Cycle;
M: Roshy Little Spring Sun
Show news | 16 августа 2008
16.08.08. MacDream became the best at a specialised exhibition and has received BISS-1.
Ivan has receied BOB and closed title CH, RUS.
New baby | 2 июля 2008
New parti-color female has arrived from USA - Demi
2nd of july was born two puppies (male and female):
D. McDream
M. Mona
Новый чемпион | 1 июня 2008
1st of june 2008 Maс Dream has closed title CH Russ
New Champions | 18 февраля 2008
On 18 of February Mona and MacDream has closed title JCH
New photo of Ivan and MacDream
New girl | 15 января 2008
On January, 15th 2008 from Finch pomeranians to us there has arrived the new girl - Peris
New boy | 10 декабря 2007
On November, 10th from Mountain Crest to us there has arrived the new boy.
New photo | 30 сентября 2007
New photos was added:
New Baby | 30 сентября 2007
On September, 12th at us was born new letter - 1 girl.
F: Powerpom Little Lion;
M: Roshy Little Spring Sun
New photo | 25 июня 2007
New photo of Crunchy
New Baby | 25 июня 2007
On June, 19th at us was born new letter: 1 boy and 1 girl.
F: Powerpom Little Lion;
M: Roshy Aurora Borealis
New boy | 25 июня 2007
On June, 12th from Finch pomeranians to us there has arrived the new boy with which we begin cultivation parti.
Its photo can be seen in section "Males"
Exhibitions | 25 июня 2007
On May, 20th at a specialized exhibition in Tyumen Crunchy has received BJ, JCW and has closed title JCH of National club.
New Puppy | 10 января 2007
10.01.2006 was born a girl
f. CH Russ

m. CH Russ Tochka Talisman Ludmily
new puppy | 7 января 2007
2nd of january was born two boys.
F. AM, Tai CH. Starfire's Shining Star
M. CH Rus Roshy Aurora Borealis

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